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About the revamped HomeAway Argentina & Colombia

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2015
Important Information for owners

What are the differences between the old and the new platform?
Subscriptions and subscription levels: Subscriptions (PPS) and subscription levels cease to exist on the new platform.
Prices and fees: Instead of buying subscriptions in advance, it is now completely free to advertise your property on HomeAway Argentina & Colombia and you will only pay a small commission of 3% on every booking where you receive payment.

Online Payments: All listings on the new platform will have the option to receive online payments. This is a convenient and secure way to accept most credit cards and PayPal directly from the new owner dash.
  • You will get paid booking through a bank transfer or PayPal, depending on the preference of payment you set when creating your profile.
  • Payment will take place 24 hours after the traveler checks into your property. When you get paid will depend on your chosen method of payment and location. Please note that payments that fall on a weekend or holiday will be issued the next business day.
Reservations Online: All ads on the new platform will be online bookable. Online reservations help you attract faster reservations and give you and the traveler the speed of an online process. You have control of your decisions with 24 hours to arrange the stay details, verify the traveler and accept or reject the reservation.
  • Support Currency: When creating your account it will automatically be configured to receive payments in US dollars.
  • Cancellation policy: The new platform requires you to set a cancellation policy for bookings on your property. A complete list of cancellation policies will be available to you as you advance through the process of advertising your property. 
The new user interface for both travelers and advertisers has a completely new look and we hope you will enjoy it.

What will happen the day after the transition to the new platform?
As of December 16, 2015 on, when you visit the site you will notice the change in appearance of the new site and the new platform.
  • You will notice that your previous listing is no longer active after the transition and will not appear anywhere on HomeAway until you recreate your listing.
  • You can no longer access your previous listing so we invite you to build a new listing on the new platform. Our customer service team is available to help you build your listing in case you need help.
  • Important: Please note that you must back up all texts, photographs and relevant information of your current profile to recreate it in the new platform quickly and easily.
  • You will be entitled to receive bookings and inquiries as soon as your new profile has been created and is active. Your ads will appear throughout the HomeAway global network without extra charge.

What will happen with the reviews of the properties?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to recreate or transfer any reviews for your current listing to the new platform. However, travelers will still be able to submit reviews for your property on the new platform.

How should I manage in-flight inquiries and bookings?  What will happen to historical inquiries and bookings? 
From the day of the transition onwards, you will not be able access your current dash and the information contained therein. You will not be able to access your old dash to manage any in-flight inquiries and bookings after the transition. You will also not be able to access any historical inquiries and bookings.   
  • Please download from the dash and save all in-flight inquiry and booking information, as well as any historical data you wish to keep, before the transition on December 16th.  In the download section of the panel there is an easy tool to perform this.  

With this tool you can export the data into an Excel file. Note that not all relevant information may be contained in the download, including the payment amount of the reservation and contact details of the traveler. Please be sure to add this information manually if necessary. Customer support is available to help with any questions you have on this issue and help you to access historical data in your account if necessary.

Is there any incentive for me to list my property on the new platform?
For the first 6 months after December 16, when our new platform is activated, all ads will receive no host commission cost for each booking received on the properties. This means it will cost you absolutely nothing advertise your property and you will receive the full amount of the booking made by the traveler with no charge to you.

Will I get a refund?
Yes, all subscriptions and payments associated with your current subscription on HomeAway Argentina & Colombia will receive a refund of the amount prorated for the time remaining between the expiration date and the site transition date of December 16th. We'll try to process all refunds as soon as possible after the transition.
  • If you have paid your ad through (1) PayULatam or (2) through credit card six months before the transition HomeAway representatives will contact you for additional information required to carry out the refund.
  • If neither of the two options mentioned above apply to you, you will receive an automatic refund without any action required on your side.
  • If you have questions about refunds please contact the customer service center.

Important information for travelers using the site HomeAway

As a traveler from December 16 onwards you will notice a new user interface on our website after the transition.
Some of the benefits of this new platform is the ability for all rentals to be online bookable and will also give you additional peace of mind with the ability to pay online through our platform.

As a result of these changes, as of December 16 you no longer have access to your traveler account and information in your account is no longer available.  However, you will be able to create a traveler account on the new platform.  
We recommend that you contact the owners directly in relation to the reservations made for a stay after the December 16 transition, and be sure to keep track of upcoming reservations. You can contact the owners by responding to any email from them that you have received through HomeAway.

Please note that from December 16 onwards it is possible that you may not see the property where you have previously made an inquiry or booking until the owner recreates that listing on the new platform.  Not all owners may choose to recreate their listings on the new platform. 

However, all owners are obliged to honour existing bookings, even if they have not recreated their listing to take future bookings. Therefore, we encourage you to ensure you have all the pertinent reservation and property information is saved in your personal files.  

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to approach our excellent customer support.

Thank you for your understanding during this time of transition, and we hope you are as excited about our new platform like us!


What types of listings are supported on HomeAway Argentina and Colombia?

Currently, both sites allow PPB only Ads (Pay Per Booking). This type of ad is what allows online booking and secure payment of the booking through our sites to ensure the security of them.

If you are a traveler who wants to see all the ads available online on HomeAway we invite you to visit our international site so you can find both PPB ads (Pay Per Booking) and PPS (Pay Per Subscription) listings.

If you are a homeowner who has listed your property on a PPS basis on a site other than HomeAway Argentina or Colombia you will not see your property on HomeAway Argentina or Colombia since these sites do not support PPS listings.  If you have bought a Global Bundle for your PPS listing and have any questions please contact customer support on your native site.

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